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Services and Fees

I normally offer new clients a free 15 minutes telephone consultation to allow them an opportunity to ask me any questions they may have and for us to decide if we are a "good fit" to work together. We can explore what I can offer and the support you are looking for. If we do decide to proceed together, then we can confirm a regular day and time that works for us both. If you feel a 15 minutes telephone consultation would be useful, I invite you to arrange this by getting in touch.

Sessions cost between £55 to £80 depending on session type, time and circumstances. Typically, weekday video sessions are about £55/session and approx. £70/session for in-person sessions in a professionally designed multi-disciplinary Wellness Centre in Rickmansworth. Weekend charges are £70/session for online sessions and £80/session for in-person sessions. Note, If you require invoices and receipts £10/session admin charge will be added.

Therapy has been found to be most productive when most typically delivered once weekly. Having sessions fortnightly or less often, result in similar number of sessions to those having weekly sessions, so in the long run the financial costs are similar but it means your healing would be over a longer duration. Evidence-based research studies generally show an association between weekly therapy sessions and positive outcomes for clients. This appears to be especially important in the first stage of therapy, when you’re building rapport with your therapist and beginning to get to the core of things. Another reason is that weekly sessions helps with emotional safety and containing. Having your session at the same time each week lowers the stress and anxiety around attending therapy and creates often much needed stability and trust.

The sooner you get help, the faster you can get back to enjoying life.

I accept payment by bank transfer.

I have a special interest in working with:

Those who have gone through or are going through major life changes such as change at work or career, illness, personal loss, bereavement and grief, environmental shifts, menopause, loss of purpose, status or responsibility and challenges that come with relocation. We all face difficult life changing events at times like retirement, the loss of a job, a divorce, or the loss of a loved one. When difficulties such as these arise a short period of counselling can be helpful. Talking with a counsellor can be an effective way to process your feelings and work through any lingering unprocessed thoughts and emotions.

Work related issues such as stress, career change, redundancy, conflict, dealing with retirement, burnout, illness and bullying. In our fast-paced society, more and more people find it challenging to juggle unrealistic work and home life demands. We frequently have to deal with high levels of daily stress, which negatively affects our physical and mental health. Many of our most common physical ailments, such as headaches, digestive problems, high blood pressure, insomnia, and an impaired immune system, can be attributed to stress. The same is true for many of our psychological issues, including anger, irritability, depression, and anxiety. Finding ways to lower our stress levels is therefore extremely important for our overall health.

Personal Development – If you have concerns about how you feel about yourself, are feeling unworthy or ashamed for not being like how you imagined yourself, is this preventing you from living a more fulfilled life? Perhaps you may be doubting yourself which is hindering your capabilities and would like to feel more empowered to achieve your full potential. Would you like to simply explore ways to take better care of yourself and live a happy and fulfilled life? I can provide support so you are able to achieve your goals.

Culture related issues - Expatriate & Multicultural Counselling

Infertility – fertility treatment

Stress, anxiety and panic attacks - The fight, flight or freeze response can be useful for our survival as the stress this induces within us, motivates us to keep ourselves safe. When we get stuck in the stress response too long due to feeling unsafe in our environment, it can potentially consume us to the point that we don’t see a way out and we feel engulfed in our anxiety response. At times this can manifest as a panic attack. If these issues are affecting your life there are things you can try that may help. Support is also available if you're finding it hard to cope with stress, anxiety or panic.

Depression, loneliness and sleep issues – Are your feelings of sadness and low mood stopping you from leading your normal life and making everything harder to do and seem less worthwhile? Do you feel numb, empty and that you can't see a way forward? Perhaps you feel isolated, alone and trapped in your head and unable to talk about how you are feeling to anyone around you. Loneliness interferes with sound, plentiful sleep and can be connected to feeling depressed. Depression is a very lonely and scary place to be stuck in. I want to support you in finding your way out of this dark place.

Relationship difficulties – romantic, friendships, colleagues, marriage, children. If your child or children have been misbehaving and you are at your wit’s end trying to figure out what to do, talking with a professional who has experience with children’s issues can be helpful. A counsellor can frequently provide you with some additional parenting tools to make your life easier.
Whatever issues you are facing, I will strive to work with you, to help you find a way forward. If you are interested in finding out more about what I offer, please take a look at my service and fees page. If you have any questions about how counselling and therapy could work for you, please do contact me.

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